Brake Motors​

Reliable, durable and modular three-phase motors with various brake options​

Standard Specifications​

Power    : 0,12kW-37kW​

Number of Poles : 2, 4, 6​

Frame Size : 63-200​

Housing Material : Aluminium​

Efficiency Class : IE1, IE2, IE3​

Frequency    : 50-60Hz​

Motor Supply Voltage : 220-230/380-400V, 380-400/660-690V​

Protection Class : IP55​

Insulation Class : F (155°C)​

Brake Types    : AC, 24V DC, 100V DC​

Optional Accessories : Dust seal, manual hand release​

Despite our factory fit brake motors, thanks to its modular structure, standard motors can easily be converted into a brake motor, within minutes, using various modular brake kits.​

Agricultural & Industrial Machinery​
Material Handling & Lifting​
Ship Building & Marine​
Renewable Energy​
Smart Inventory​​​
  • With its modular structure, easily convertion of standard motors into a brake motor
  • Brake dust seal​
  • Manual hand release lever​
  • Special terminal box options for different cable gland exit positions​
Diverse Brake Selection​
  • Compatible design for various leading brand brakes​
Light Weight & Robust​
  • Pressure die cast aluminium​
  • Reduced noise​
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