Smoke Extraction Motors​

Aluminium and cast iron body three-phase motors that are high temperature resistant, reliable and certified according to EN 12101-3 standard​

Standard Specifications​

Power    : 0,75kW - 90kW​

Number of Poles    : 2, 4, 6 & multi pole​

Frame Size : 80-280​

Housing Material : Aluminium & Cast Iron​

Efficiency Class : IE1, IE2​

Frequency    : 50-60Hz, 60Hz​

Motor Supply Voltage    : 220-230/380-400V, 380-400/660-690V​

Protection Class : IP55 - IP66​

Temperature Class : F300 - 1 hour @ 300°C, (optional 2 hour @300 °C)​

Cooling Method    : TEAO​

Certifications    : Efectis​

Can be used in fresh air, underground car parking lots and smoke extraction applications in tunnels. Mechanical and electrical customization options including pad mounting options.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration​
  • Aluminum and cast-iron body options​​
  • Optional cable gland positions​
Strong Bearing Configuration​​
  • Increased load carrying capacity and life with 63..series big bearings​
  • High temperature resistant bearing​
Fanless Design​
  • TEAO motors suitable for air duct applications​
High Temperature Resistance​​
  • 2 hours @300°C certified special design​
  • High temperature resistant cable and bearing
Pad Mounting Options​
  • Special mounting options that do not restrain air flow​
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