Water & Waste Water Management​

We are aware of our responsibility for the most efficient and environmentally friendly management of water, which is the source of our lives. We are by your side in water management with our high energy efficient silent pump motors.

Thanks to our special control equipment, our rotors are completely electronically controlled in terms of casting air gaps and bar breakage. We achieve much lower noise and vibration levels than international standards with precisely balanced rotors and using narrow concentricity tolerances.

You can use our very high energy efficient motor designs for many years with our panel type motor drivers in accordance with variable pump loads and save energy.

ou can benefit both your business and our planet by choosing our motors with integrated drives, which provide on-site control and high energy savings, for this purpose.


Drinking Water Pumps
Water Pump and Transmission Stations
High Pressure Pumps
Desalination Plants
Waste Water Suction and Aeration Pumps
Aluminum Motors
Cast Iron Motors
Single Phase Motors​
Marine Motors​
Inverter Integrated Motors
Industrial Drives​
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